• Strategic SEO Training

    Strategic SEO Training in Mumbai

    The Strategic SEO Training Course is specially designed & instructed by Nevil Darukhanawala.

    From startups to well funded online businesses, brands and eCommerce sites have realized the need for an in-house SEO team. This team (of writers, designers, outreach specialists and link builders) will be led by a capable SEO Manager.

    The SEO Manager’s job description definition has evolved over time and now comprises of extensive strategic, analytical, and tactical skills to drive business goals. This course is specially designed to create highly skilled SEO Managers for future enterprises.

    Strategic SEO Training

  • SEO Course Director

    Nevil Darukhanawala School of SEO

    •  Was recently awarded as “SEO Consultant of the Year” by Consultants Review Magazine’s Annual Issue (Oct 2015) Covering Top Consultants in different categories.

    • Trained 200+ students, helped train staff at SEO companies, conducted corporate workshops & seminars.

    • Is the Director and CEO at Spott One Consulting Pvt Ltd; a 10 year old Digital Agency based in Mumbai which specializes in strategic consulting for Ecommerce Websites & Brands.

    • He has written hundreds of published articles on advanced SEO Strategies. You can also watch his SEO Training Videos @ YouTube.

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  • School of SEO


    The SEO Strategy Course will enable you to:

    • Analyze & conduct SEO audit

    • Build a successful SEO Strategy for any brand or ecommerce site

    • Leverage International SEO Tools for analysis & client reporting

    • Managing client expectations & building trust

    • Gain genuine top SEO placement skills within the shortest period of time

    • Stop wasting time chasing algorithms and discover strategies that work

    • Manage the end to end SEO process across various teams

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  • SEO Process

    Great Career Outcomes

    The SEO Training Course is targeted at potential SEO Managers, however anyone from B-school students to business owners will benefit from this specialized SEO training course.

    Why should you spend money on this course?

    • Gain real insights into succeeding with SEO

    • Credible SEO Certification

    • Enhance your career prospects

    • Start or expand your business

    • Access to new job opportunities & alumni network


History of Nevil Darukhanawala School of SEO

Teaching SEO

SEO Workshops & Training

I returned from USA after studying a course in SEO from Search Engine Workshops & Mentor John Alexander. My first workshop was for 15 students in Chembur, Mumbai.

SEO Mentorship

SEO Optimization Expert

Started a specialized SEO agency for clients from USA, UK & UAE. Handled over 50 + International clients like JustMensRings, RSA Insurance, LondonTheatreDirect etc.

Spott One

Spott One Consulting Pvt Ltd

Started a 360 degree digital marketing agency. Worked with 100 + brands and eCommerce sites over the next few years.

School of SEO

Nevil Darukhanawala School of SEO

Jan 2015, it was time to start giving back to the industry that helped me build a successful business. I was also longing to get back to something I love – to teach.

Learn SEO

200+ Graduates from School of SEO

The new batch started in June 2015. Specialized SEO Masterclasses for creating skilled SEO Managers for enterprises.

School of SEO

SEO Consultant of the Year

Was awarded “SEO Consultant of the Year” by Consultants Review Magazine’s in their Annual Issue.

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