Strategic SEO Training Course for Small Business Owners, Agencies & Marketers

Are you a Busy Small Business Owner or Agency who is…

  • STRUGGLING to attract new clients?
  • FRUSTRATED by lack of rankings & leads from SEO?
  • TIRED of wasting your time on online marketing?
  • UNSURE if your SEO company provides good service?

Hi, my name is Nevil Darukhanawala. I have been consulting and training in SEO Space for Over a Decade. My client list includes some of the big brands in India, also in USA & UAE. You will be able to read more on my credentials below. For now, we have more important things to accomplish. Here is my Assurance!

“EVEN if you are not familiar with Digital or SEO marketing, I ensure you will be able to successfully APPLY the strategies in this course with EASE. This course is specially designed to help Small Business Owners, Agencies & Marketers in creating successful SEO strategies that will take your business to new heights.”

This SEO course has been designed to teach you the exact same advanced strategies, tools & reporting formats I currently use to help my clients achieve their online goals. The strategies I am going to teach in this SEO training course are based on a foundation of a decade of experience having worked on SEO with 200 + brands and ecommerce sites.


  • I have trained 200 + professionals and small business owners
  • Have completed 20 + workshops at Corporates & Brands
  • Have trained SEO Companies & Digital Companies
  • Have worked on SEO with 200 + brands and ecommerce sites both local and international including The Wadhwa Group, MET League of Colleges, HDFC Realty, McDelivery etc
  • I am the SEO Consultant to Many Agencies like DDB Mudra, DDB Mudra Max, Tigress & Tigress, Coffee Digital, Jefferies & Bain etc
  • I was awarded as “SEO Consultant of the Year” by Consultants Review Magazine, Annual Issue 2015


  • One to One Coaching (Virtual Classroom, Sessions Recording)
  • Custom Coaching based on your needs
  • Create a 6 Months SEO Plan setup for Success
  • Learn the Exact Strategies to Succeed with SEO for any Business

What’s important to understand is that NOT all companies can get into top 10 search listings, in same way, not all SEO strategies are the same. Get an edge by choosing the Right SEO strategy curated by me over years of refinement and analysis.  Kickstart your SEO Journey.

The SEO Syllabus

• Keywords Analysis & Tracking
• Competition Analysis & Monitoring
• Complete SEO Audit
• Onpage Essentials & Website Hygiene
• Algorithm Changes & Evolution of SEO
• Advanced Content Marketing Strategies
• Advanced Link Building Strategies
• Advanced E-commerce SEO Strategies

• Leveraging Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
• SEO Performance Measuring & KPI Reporting
• Leverage International SEO Tools
• Important Elements of a SEO Proposal
• Managing Clients / Bosses Expectations
• Effectively Manage multiple SEO Projects
• Role of SEM / paid traffic Eg Adwords
• Role of Mobile Search, Social Media & Online PR in SEO

Schedule 1

  • Weekdays
  • 1 to 1 Coaching.
  • 10 Hours Training
  • 100 % money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • BOOK 30 MIN FREE CONSULT: Email for details
  • Alumni Advantage
    Email Queries
    Skype / Telephonic Calls
Schedule 2

  • Weekends (Sat & Sun)
  • 1 to 1 Coaching
  • 10 Hours Training
  • 100 % money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • BOOK 30 MIN FREE CONSULT: Email for details
  • Alumni Advantage
    Email Queries
    Skype / Telephonic Calls



  • Power of Organic
  • Organic Search Evolution
  • Google, Yahoo & Bing


1. Keyword Research

  • Website Pages
  • Competitor Websites
  • Google Search (Trends, Search Suggestions & Related Searches)
  • Tools like Adwords Keyword Planner, Word Tracker, Word Stream, UberSuggest

2. Keyword Selection

  • Company Priorities
  • Volume of Monthly Searches
  • Competition for those Keywords
  • Competitors Targeting
  • Theme Based Selection

3. Keyword Types

  • KPI Keywords
  • Brand Keywords
  • Product / Service Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Location Keywords
  • Theme Based Keywords
  • Informational, Conversational & Transactional Keywords
  • Synonyms & Misspellings

4. Keyword Strategy

  • Keyword Grouping, Themes & Modifiers
  • Keyword Targeting Plan
  • Keyword Tracking & Reporting Tools
  • Tracking Competitor Keywords


1. Search Friendly URLs

  • should be Search Friendly
  • Use of hyphens “-” to separate keywords & NOT underscore
  • Include the Keyword Eg

2. Meta – Title Tag

  • Is Not Visible on the Page
  • Each Page Has Unique Title Tag
  • Length is 50 characters with Spaces
  • Primary Keyword included in beginning of copy
  • Good copy leads to better conversions
  • Check search listings for competitors title

3. Meta – Description Tag

  • Is Not Visible on the Page
  • Each Page Has Unique Description Tag
  • Length is 150 characters with spaces
  • Primary Keyword & Secondary Keywords to be included
  • Good copy leads to better conversions
  • Check search listings for competitors description

4. Meta – Heading / H1 Tag

  • Is Visible on the Page
  • Gives a Heading to the Page
  • Includes the Keyword
  • Can contain H2, H3 Sub Tags

5. Meta – Image Tag

  • Is Visible on the Page (OnMouseOver Image)
  • Short Description of the Image
  • Need not include the Keyword
  • Image File Name (Google Image Search)

6. Body Content (Landing Pages)

  • Min 300 words of Unique Content
  • Write for the User & Not Search Engines
  • Copy to match the Search Intent of User
  • Leverage User Generated Content

7. Internal Linking

  • Links from within Body Content
  • Helps Search Engine understand your Popular Pages
  • Includes the Keyword

8. Rich Snippets

  • Rich search listings for events, movies, products based websites etc
  • Eg Movie (Name of Actors, Director, Length of Movie etc)


1. Website Audit

  • Google Analytics & Webmaster
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Speed
  • No of Indexed Pages
  • Site Map
  • 301 Redirects, Custom 404 Error Page, Broken Links, Other Webmaster Errors
  • Backlinks Quality
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Website Audit Tools


1. Identify Target Audiences

  • Identify the TG Groups & Demographics
  • Understand user Behavior & Current Needs

2. Gaps = Opportunities

  • Research for Content Gaps
  • Plan Content Type (blog, video, infographics, press release etc)
  • Communication Style – Informal, Educational, Informational, Entertaining etc
  • Create Content to Fill in the Gaps

3. Communication Goals

  • Create Content to Match user Search Intent
  • Measure Effectiveness

4. Content Types

  • Blogs
  • Images
  • Videos & Webinars
  • Infographics
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Testimonials etc

5. Big Content Guides

  • 3500 word plus guides (can include images, video or infographics)
  • Captures search intent of a group of users
  • Theme based / Audience Based
  • How to Build Topic Authority
  • The Pyramid Strategy

6.  Build a 6 Month’s Content Strategy

  • Create a Content Calender
  • Plan Frequency of Content
  • Plan Content Types


1. Panda Update, Feb 23, 2011 (Panda 4.1 was released Sep 23, 2014)
Panda was the first major update intended to weed out websites that have thin content and other website quality issues like architecture, load time, duplicate meta tags (or missing meta tags), broken links etc.

2. Penguin Update, Apr 24, 2012 (Penguin 3.0 was released Oct 20, 2014)
Penguin update was intended to weed out sites that have low quality backlinks and were over optimized.

3. EMD Update, Sep 27, 2012
EMD or the exact match domains update was intended to weed out domains with exact match to keywords targeted.

4. Hummingbird Update, Aug 20, 2103
A core algorithm update (like Caffeine) intended to improve conversational and semantic searches changing the way the content is created and keywords are targeted.

5. Pigeon Update, July 24, 2014
The Pigeon update was intended to make local search listings better. If local listings are a big part of your business then it time to sit up and smell the coffee.


1. Evolution of Link Building

  • From Building Links to Earning Links
  • Good Links Vs Bad Links
  • Methods that Can Invite Google Penalty
  • Internal Vs External Links
  • Follow Vs No Follow Links
  • Editorial Links
  • Edu Links
  • Advanced Strategies

2 . Content Marketing

  • Role of Content Marketing
  • Content Creation, Marketing & Outreach

3. Blogger Outreach

  • Blogger Outreach Program
  • Identify & Targeting the Bloggers
  • Types of Blogger Outreach
  • Diversity is Key
  • Guest Blogging – The Right Way

4. Link Monitoring & Analysis

  • Leverage Tools for Link Outreach & Analysis
  • Disavov Links * Link Removals
  • Competitor Links
  • Measuring the Impact of Link Building
  • Reporting on Links


1. Advanced Strategies

  • Keywords
  • On Page & Audit
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Advanced Link Building
  • Competitors
  • Pitfalls for SEO for Ecom
  • Scalabity is Key

2. Conversion Tracking

  • Advanced Analytics & Segmentation
  • Conversion Tracking, Funnels & Goals
  • Mini Conversion & Macro Conversion Tracking
  • Monitoring & Reporting


1. Client Reporting

  • Custom Reporting (Reports specific CEO, Marketing Team, Digital Team etc)
  • Analysis & Suggestions
  • A / B Testing

2. The SEO Proposal

  • Build a Custom SEO Proposal & Plan
  • Handling Client / Bosses Queries & Objections
  • Setting Correct Expectations

SEO Tools

  • Handle Multiple Clients
  • Leverage Best SEO Tools & Communities


1. SEM (Adwords, PPC, CPC)

  • Setup, Monitor & Reporting

2. Facebook Ads

  • Setup, Monitor & Reporting

3. Online PR / ORM

  • Power of Editorial Links
  • Online PR
  • Role of ORM (Online Reputation Management)

4. Mobile Campaigns

  • Mobile Specific Campaigns & Strategies for SEO


  • Prepare a Road Map for next 6 months
  • Start to Apply what you have Learnt


  • Ongoing Assistance
  • Stay informed on New SEO Developments & Strategies
  • Stay informed on Job Listings
  • New Freelance Opportunities


  • Testimonial
    kiran khalap, co-founder & managing director, chlorophyll brand & communications consultancy private limited

    chlorophyll met Nevil at a time when only a handful within the consultancy understood the ever-changing field of SEO. That was in 2009. The amazing result of what he did and what he taught us between 2009 and 2011 is this: even in 2015, chlorophyll still comes up first when prospects look for brand consultants in India. Thank you, Nevil, may you train a whole generation in the art and science of SEO.

  • Testimonial
    Arvind Kukreti (, SEO Training Course, 2008

    I learnt SEO from Nevil in 2008. This was a time when there was very little awareness about SEO in India. After his training it opened my eyes to the potential and I started my own successful SEO & Digital Marketing business.

  • Testimonial
    Meera Chandra, Tigress Tigress (Agency),

    Nevil is my go-to professional for SEO. Our association has been recent, but the value derived is already noteworthy. Nevil has a very thorough approach to briefs, he probes and understands requirements. He goes beyond the routine and expected to arrive at answers that are truly relevant and highly effective. He has quite a few proprietary ideas that I have personally found very differentiated, measurable and successful. My clients have benefited greatly from his recommendations. Nevil, like me, has worked and upskilled himself in the US and there are synergies in the way we approach challenges and seek truly creative business solutions.

  • Testimonial
    Hiren Joshi, Digital Head at Savit Interactive,

    Nevil have a very unique approach towards SEO, whether you're just getting started in SEO or have been in the industry for years - you ought to seek his dynamic yet result oriented techniques. I always considered him as my mentor who has helped me to launch my career into Digital Marketing. With the hard-work and Nevil's guidance now I run my own Digital Marketing Training Classes.  Its a pleasure to be in his phonebook since 2008. Cheers!


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