We could not include all the testimonials over the years however we thank all the students and clients over the years who recommended and supported us.

  • Art and Science of SEO

    chlorophyll met Nevil at a time when only a handful within the consultancy understood the ever-changing field of SEO. That was in 2009. The amazing result of what he did and what he taught us between 2009 and 2011 is this: even in 2015, chlorophyll still comes up first when prospects look for brand consultants in India. Thank you, Nevil, may you train a whole generation in the art and science of SEO.

    Art and Science of SEO
    kiran khalap, co-founder & managing director
    chlorophyll brand & communications consultancy private limited
  • Go to guy for SEO

    Nevil is my go-to professional for SEO. Our association has been recent, but the value derived is already noteworthy. Nevil has a very thorough approach to briefs, he probes and understands requirements. He goes beyond the routine and expected to arrive at answers that are truly relevant and highly effective. He has quite a few proprietary ideas that I have personally found very differentiated, measurable and successful. My clients have benefited greatly from his recommendations. Nevil, like me, has worked and upskilled himself in the US and there are synergies in the way we approach challenges and seek truly creative business solutions.

    Go to guy for SEO
    Meera Chandra, Tigress Tigress (Agency)
  • Nevil is a SEO Guru

    I learnt SEO from Nevil in 2008. This was a time when there was very little awareness about SEO in India. After his training it opened my eyes to the potential and I started my own successful SEO & Digital Marketing business.

    Arvind, Ginger Domain
    Arvind Kukreti (GingerDomain.com)
    SEO Training Course, 2008
  • Knowledge of SEO

    We used Nevil for a couple of client projects and i found his knowledge of SEO to be exemplary. In a
    world where everyone claims to be a digital expert, Nevil is the real deal. He knows his stuff and better
    still, can get it executed too.

    Kartk, Merry Men
    Kartik Mani, Merry Men (Agency)
  • Innovative SEO Techniques!

    Nevil have a very unique approach towards SEO, whether you’re just getting started in SEO or have been in the industry for years – you ought to seek his dynamic yet result oriented techniques. I always considered him as my mentor who has helped me to launch my career into Digital Marketing. With the hard-work and Nevil’s guidance now I run my own Digital Marketing Training Classes.  Its a pleasure to be in his phonebook since 2008. Cheers!

    Innovative SEO Techniques!
    Hiren Joshi, Digital Head at Savit Interactive
  • Helped us attain top rankings

    We started working with Nevil on a 6 months project with the sole aim to increase in-organic search traffic for our retail insurance website. We found him to be extremely capable, diligent and forthcoming with new ideas and activities to ensure we reached the desired state. At the end of the project, we have successfully optimised our website, creating blog content, build quality links and are listed on key search engines for a majority of our keywords. Now we are completing 3 years with Nevil.

    Nilanjana Ghosh, Marketing & Communications Manager, RSA
    The No 1 Insurance Group in UAE for Car Insurance, House and Travel Insurance
  • Detail oriented and meticulous

    I’ve been associated with Nevil and a few things about him stand out in memory. Never stressed, highly detail oriented and meticulous, he puts those that work with him, or those he mentors at ease. Having worked with him on several projects of note, I’ve had a chance to observe a true pro at work. His insights into SEO and Google’s new and ever-evolving framework are astounding. Working with him and learning through association and observation have stood me in good stead. Having him as an SEO ‘teacher’ therefore is one of those ‘must-haves’ if anyone is looking to carve a niche for themselves in the new media space.

    Detail oriented and meticulous
    Malcolm Pinto
    Director, Beard Bros (Social Media Agency)
  • SEO Mentor

    I started in the field of SEO and Online marketing after working and getting trained under the guidance of Nevil. I consider him as my mentor who has helped me grow in this field.. He is a dynamic force during his training sessions and almost instantaneously develops a strong rapport with his students.

    Khushal Bhadra
    Khushal Bhadra
  • New Strategies

    Nevil has a very talented mindset when it comes to SEO. His hunger to learn more, apply new strategies and experimenting has brought him to excellent heights in short time. We brainstorm together and almost all the ideas have flow in the same direction with him. He is impeccable sense of understanding towards SEO and his knowledge base consists of proven strategies which always make a mark towards the project he is into. As a trainer and a professional SEO Expert, Nevil has a long way ahead and i wish to work with him again in future. I would strongly recommend him for his skill sets, ability to deliver, experiment new strategies and excellent business acumen

    Ashwin Dixit, SearchNexus
    Ashwin Dixit, SearchNexus
  • Kudos on starting the School of SEO

    If you need to learn or seek advice on the right SEO strategy, Nevil is the best go to person for this. His incisive approach helps firms looking at gaining from the right SEO strategy. When I was told that he is setting up a school for SEO, the first thought that crossed my mind is, “finally under his tutelage a breed of true SEO champions will be created. All the best!

    Kudos on starting the School of SEO
    Jay Naduvath, Jefferies & Bain (PR)
  • Omkar Bhogale

    Nevil sir is mentor to me, I have learned complete SEO process for multiple clients. I have worked with him for delivering better service and new approach in digital world. He’s a inspiration for growth in my career.

    Omkar Bhogale
    Digital Marketing Executive @ BMW-infinity cars
  • A great teacher

    I’ve had a longstanding and productive association with Nevil. He’s almost been a mentor of sorts, especially in the realm of Digital Media, and especially SEO. A thorough professional, he sets high standards in everything he undertakes and is detail oriented and meticulous in his approach. A great teacher and an excellent friend, I would recommend Nevil wholeheartedly as both an SEO professional and a mentor to those wanting to learn the often complex art and science of search engine optimisation.

    A great teacher
    Melroy Pinto, Freelance Creative Writer
    Director, Beard Bros
  • SEO Specialist

    “Nevil is a true specialist in the niche field of SEO. He recognizes the specific needs of his customers and adapts his strategy accordingly yielding into great Google rankings and conversions. I also admire his pro-active approach and capability to bring his services to the “next level”, securing incremental value for his partners in business. He makes great use of the available seo tools and seo software in creating intelligent reports. While I know there are no guaranteed search engine rankings, Nevil and his team deliver their promise. Without any doubt I would certainly recommend this word-class SEO expert to everybody”

    Johan vanHamme, CEO, Clear Vantage
    Supply Chain Solutions
  • Keep up the good work!

    Kudos to you and to your team! I found Nevil while researching SEO News on India and found his articles and videos.You are the best I have found in the many years I have been in the SEO internet marketing world. Many othercompanies out there promise, promise, promise, but you and your team DELIVER! In the few months we have been working, I can already see the increase in traffic on my site as well as the positioning on all the major search engines. Working with you and your team is like having an in-house team, which very little supervision is required. I was so happy with you and your team that I decided to pay in advance as well as asked for many other services that were not originally included. Thank you for making my life a lot easier and for all the great work you and your team have done for me.

    Scott Medina, Owner La Costa Destinations International Realty
    Punta Cana real estate company located in Bavaro Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • Honest and Realistic Assessment

    Whilst we had already achieved good search rankings over the past 10 years, we wanted to consolidate the work we had already done and build a sound foundation for future years. With the search market changing rapidly, Nevil has shown a depth of understanding second to none. His approach is one of teamwork, of understanding the client’s expectations and giving an honest and realistic assessment of what can be achieved through good SEO practice and a certain amount of patience.

    Francis Hellyer, Owner, LondonTheatreDirect.Com
    Tickets, Musical, Dance, Opera, and London Attraction’s tickets
  • Taking Ownership

    In these highly competitive times one has to be one step ahead at all times may it be your service quality, your product offerings, your product launch or may it be a key differentiator ‘web marketing’.One can understand why several who attempt web marketing give up at some stage….as they do not find much in their returns. However, it has to be understood that web marketing should be effectively managed by a professional. In SEO Expert India we have found an exceptionally bright team led capably by their CEO Nevil Darukhanawala. They take ownership of their efforts and see to it that the results are to the benefit for their client. Their efforts have resulted in a strong surge in our online booking requests in a short time!

    Gautam , Owner (Avis Oman & Zahara Tours)
    Zahara Tours, 3 Times winner of the Tourism Venture of the Year Award, Oman